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As the current Chairman of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Directors (CVCD) it is my great pleasure to write this message for the CVCD website.  The CVCD is composed of Vice-Chancellors of 19 State Universities and Rectors of 4 University Campuses in Sri Lanka.  The primary role of the CVCD as an inter-university forum is to assist, advise and make recommendations to the University Grants Commission (UGC) on policy issues in order to progress towards the common vision of making Sri Lanka the knowledge hub in the region and a leader in higher education in Asia by 2020.  Vice-Chancellors who play a vital role in providing strategic leadership and guidance to the Universities in the process of producing intellectual, skilled professionals and good citizens to the society, training staff and students in innovative research and entrepreneurship etc. hold an immense responsibility and accountability towards the future of the society.  The CVCD focuses on all these aspects in its deliberations.  The biennial CVCD Conference on Higher Education and the biennial CVCD Excellence Awards are two key contributions of the Committee towards the sustainability and expansion of higher education in keeping with global trends and to recognize and encourage innovative research.  The CVCD will make every attempt to expand the higher education sector in Sri Lanka while improving the management, quality, productivity and efficiency ensuring a rewarding experience for the stakeholders. 


Prof. S J B A Jayasekera

Chairman, CVCD

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Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Directors, Sri Lanka consists of Vice-Chancellors of the Universities and Rectors of the Campuses in Sri Lanka.


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