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Message of the CVCD Chairman

I feel honoured to send this message to the current sessions of the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Directors (CVCD). As Chairman, CVCD – 2019 I pledge to dedicate myself to the realization of the   noble mission of the CVCD as it approaches its 40th year in the service of the state university sector of Sri Lanka.  I also wish to acknowledge the many noteworthy efforts of my predecessors in this direction.

As you are aware, the CVCD, set up in 1979, serves as the formal link between the Sri Lankan state university sector (i.e. universities, campuses and affiliate institutions) and the University Grants Commission in their mission to raise  the local standards to the level of the best in the world.  Through a process collaboration, consultation and consensus it deliberates on the issues faced by the sector with a view to reach solutions and new strategies.

I am more than convinced that the CVCD can be justly proud of its past achievements though more remainsto be done. My five-year long association with the CVCD informs that we share the collective ideology that a culture of research and innovation needs to be developed so as to motivate our undergraduates to face these imperatives at an early stage of their studentship. Our conviction is that Sri Lanka can only reach its next stage of development through the progress it makes in research and innovation.

I am pleased to note that the universities, campuses and affiliated institutes in the country have already taken meaningful steps to inculcate a culture of research and innovation in their organizations. During my stewardship as Chairman of CVCD, I hope to ensure that these moves are strengthened and new strategies adopted with a view to establishing research and innovation as a way of life in the state university sector. Further, I wish to pay attention to the needs of students in general and develop lasting solutions designed to make their undergraduate days more fruitful and pleasant. In this process, I shall always be guided by the traditions and values of the CVCD.

As lead-administrators of seats of higher learningwe are engaged in transforming the youth of Sri Lanka into globally competent citizens equipped to take up the challenges of a complex and changing world with courage and commitment. They are, after all, the future of Sri Lanka. Let us strive towards this end with undiminished zeal.

Senior Professor Sampath Amaratunge

Chairman CVCD
Vice Chancellor
University of Sri Jayewardenepura