448th CVCD Meeting at University of Colombo

The 448th meeting of Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Directors (CVCD) was held on 5th March 2022 at the Senate Hall, College House of the University of Colombo.

At the beginning of the meeting, a presentation was made regarding the current status and future plans for LEARN by Senior Prof. Chandana P. Udawatte, Vice Chairman, UGC and Chairman of the LEARN Board of Directors, and Prof. Roshan G. Ragel, Consultant / LEARN. After the presentation, Clarifications were given by them for the members’ clarifications.

The Chairperson / CVCD thanked LEARN on behalf of all Universities for the invaluable services they have provided over the years, but particularly access to Zoom during the pandemic. She said that the Universities will continue to support LEARN.