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Message of the CVCD Chairman


The Committee of Vice Chancellors and Directors (CVCD) provides a forum that enables all universities in the state sector of Sri Lanka to deliberate on matters of common interest, and to serve as the formal, legally mandated link between the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the universities under its purview.

The CVCD deliberates regularly on a wide range of issues related to university development and administration, such as policy development, expansion of higher education, quality improvement of courses, raising standards to international level and the employability of its graduates. Members of the CVCD share their best practices and significant developments in each member institution, on a regular basis.

Based on these deliberations and the consensus views of its member universities, the CVCD advises the UGC on policy, academic and administrative matters of common interest.

The CVCD is committed to maintaining the highest quality in the teaching-learning process and fostering a culture of research and innovation within the higher education sector in order to contribute to and support national development.


Senior Professor Nilanthi de Silva

Chairman/CVCD 2022
Vice Chancellor
University of Kelaniya